Hazardous Materials

Asbestos Mitigation

  • Determine if ”Medium” or “High” exposure risk
  • Warning signs and placards placed on job site
  • Use of enclosure and negative air-pressure extraction where necessary
  • Continuous air monitoring to ensure safe removal process
  • Complete and proper removal, containment, and disposal of all asbestos material according to EPA standards

Lead Paint Removal

  • Before work begins, customer receives EPA’s “Renovate Right” lead hazard pamphlet
  • Complete work area containment (plastic sheathing)
  • Furniture moved or covered, doors, windows and heating/cooling vents sealed off
  • HEPA vacuum attachment used when grinding or scraping is necessary
  • Complete and proper removal, containment and disposal of all lead based or contaminated material according to EPA standards

Crime Scene / Trauma / Hoarding

  • Complete scene evaluation to identify biohazard cleanup techniques and equipment needed
  • Remove all carpets, furniture and other belongings as indicated
  • Remove all biohazards in approved, marked disposal containers
  • Clean, deodorize, and disinfect all contaminated areas
  • Restore property as necessary and replace all belongings